Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas Washer Repair Pros’ 4 Tips for Retiring Old Washing Machines

At SoBellas Appliance Repair in San Antonio, our first priority is to try and keep your current washing machine from becoming a memory. However, our washer repair pros do recognize that there may come a time when you want a new washing machine. With that in mind, we wanted to offer up four tips for retiring your old one: Washer Repair Tip #1: Habitat for Humanity ReStore Donation Depending on how old your washing machine is, you may want to donate it. One place that accepts washing machines is the Habitat for Humanity Restore. They are located in various places across Texas. According to the non-profit’s general guidelines, the washer being donated cannot be more than 4 years old. Of course it also has to be in working order. Washer Repair Tip #2: Society of St. Vincent de Paul Donation While we are on the topic of donations, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is another organization worth contacting. They have locations in Texas too, including one in San Antonio. Like Habitat for Humanity, they use the appliances to help people in need. Because the organization’s appliance needs vary throughout the year, our washer repair pros suggest that you contact the group directly for more information. Washer Repair Tip #3: Bulk Waste Pick-Up/Recycling If your old washing machine no longer works, you could opt to schedule a bulk waste pick-up with a local recycler instead. Two companies that offer such services in San Antonio are Waste Management and Rubbish Works. Rubbish Works will haul the old washer out of your home and recycle it for you. Waste Management, on the other hand, traditionally requires that you haul the old washing machine to the curb and schedule a bulk waste pick-up. Washer Repair Tip #4: Free Landfill Disposal/Recycle Days Speaking of recycling, we should also mention that you may want to take advantage of the city’s free landfill disposal/recycle days. They are held at various times throughout the year. As it stands now, the next one is scheduled to take place on November 2, 2013. You can find an updated list of the special days posted on the City of San Antonio’s website. For more tips on maintaining your home’s appliances or to schedule a washer repair, contact us. Our phone number is (210) 485-6578. We may also be reached by completing the contact form located on our SoBellas San Antonio Appliance Repair website. SoBellas Appliance Repair 20403 Encino Ledge #591051 San Antonio, TX 78259 210-485-6578

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