Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Troubleshooting Tips For Your Refrigerator's Ice Maker

An ice maker may not be the most important feature your refrigerator has to offer, but it is a convenience most people take for granted. Like any other appliance, an ice maker can break down. If you find yourself battling a faulty device, the following troubleshooting insight may save you a phone call to your local appliance repair company.

Bad Taste

If you've noticed, the ice coming from your refrigerator has a particular taste or smell to it, a quick inspection of the ice bin may provide you with answers. More than likely, the bin has been contaminated by spilled food. Thoroughly washing and rinsing the bin should remove the taste and smell from your ice. In cases where cleaning the bin does not correct the problem, clean the water filter. If the filter is stained, replacing it is your best bet.

Freezer's Temperature is too high

When the appliance is not producing ice, check the temperature of the freezer. Your ice maker will not work correctly if the temperature reads above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Try resetting the temperature so it is between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice the temp is not getting colder, check to see if the condenser coil is clean and whether or not the condenser fan is functioning. A call to a repair company may be necessary if the fan is no longer operating.

Faulty door switch

If the door switch on your freezer is defective, the ice maker may function improperly. The switch on the door has two purposes. The first is to turn the freezer light on, and the second is to turn off the ice dispenser. In situations where the switch is faulty and the ice dispenser does not turn on, you will need to replace the switch.

Ice maker switch

Your ice maker is equipped with an on and off switch. Unfortunately, the switch is periodically turned off on accident. Check to make sure the switch is in the on position. In cases where the switch is on, but your ice maker is still malfunctioning, you will most likely need a replacement switch.

Ice Level Sensor

Your refrigerator has an ice level control board. This control board operates an infrared light beam that senses the amount of ice in your ice bucket. When the ice reaches a certain point, the light is disrupted, and the ice maker turns off. If the ice level control board is functioning incorrectly, it will cause the infrared light to stop working, which in turn, stops your ice maker from producing ice.

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