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Don't Make These 4 Common Mistakes With Your Dryer

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Poor maintenance and improper use can drastically decrease the lifespan of your dryer. To help you avoid frequent appliance repair we have compiled a list of 4 situations that can cause needless damage to your dryer.

Leveling your appliance

Whether it's your dryer or your stove, level appliances are a must. When you allow an appliance to sit in a non-level position, you are inevitably causing certain parts unnecessary wear and tear. Unfortunately, doing so can lead to a premature breakdown. To check if your dryer is level, simply place a bubble level on top of the appliance. If the results show your dryer is in need of a readjustment, consult your owner’s manual for instructions on how to change the height of the appliance's feet.

Don't overdo it

While it's tempting to overload a dryer, at the end of the day the convenience is not worth the damage that may occur. Over stuffing your dryer with clothing can cause legitimate harm to the drum and to other parts of the machine. Since every model is different, take a look at your manual to find out its load restrictions.

Neglecting the venting tube

Cleaning the lint out of your dryer's venting system is vital to the appliance's well-being and to the safety of your family. As lint begins to build up in the venting tube the airflow in your dryer becomes restricted, unfortunately, improper airflow is a serious fire hazard. You can clean out the tube with a long brush or you can hire a professional dryer repair technician to thoroughly remove all excess lint from the entire machine.

Cleaning up after your fabric softener sheet

There is nothing wrong with using fabric softener sheets in your dryer, however, you must be diligent about removing any residue that is left from the chemicals they are made of. When you're not careful that residue can coat the moisture sensor in your machine leading to insufficient drying times. Gently wiping the sensor off should solve any problems, but if the issue persists, you may need to call a professional repair company to evaluate the problem.

If you would like more tips on maintaining your dryer or your appliance is in need of repair, please contact us at Sobellas San Antonio Appliance Repair and we'll be happy to help you.

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