Thursday, July 17, 2014

San Antonio Appliance Repair Tips: Is Your Induction Cooktop on the Fritz?

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Induction cooktops have been gaining in popularity the last few years. And as appliance repair professionals, we’ve made it a point to become familiar with problems that tend to crop up with today’s models. That said, the next time your induction cooktop is not working, consider taking the following actions:


Check the Control Panel – Look to see which induction cooktop setting is activated. Some contemporary models have lock modes that may keep the unit from turning on or shutting off as expected.


Check the Electrical Panel – If the induction cooktop’s settings appear to be correct, head off to check your home’s electrical panel. Check to make sure that all of the circuit breakers or fuses are in the right position and in working order.


Check the Power Cord – Should the electrical panel seem to be in fine, working order, pull the induction oven away from the wall and check the electrical connection. It’s also a great idea to look closely at the plug and cord. If they show signs of wear or damage, they could be the chief problem.


Check the Voltage Requirements – Sometimes contemporary induction cooktops require more voltage than a home’s electrical outlet can handle. So it’s best to check the owner’s manual and ensure that the outlet you’re using is up to snuff.


Check the Cookware – Our appliance repair pros have noticed that some folks forget to use the right cookware and that can make a difference too. It can either cause the cooktop not to heat up or damage its surface.


Check the Surface – Speaking of which, a damaged surface may cause an induction oven to fail as well. The list of accidents that could shorten the life of the cooktop includes those that involve cracks, scratches and melted plastic.


Call a San Antonio Appliance Repair  Pro – And if none of those actions resolve your home’s induction cooktop woes, be sure to call an appliance repair pro. We can examine the cooktop further and make any repairs needed to get families cooking again.


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