Thursday, July 30, 2015

Samsung Appliance Repair Team’s Solution to a Rained Out, Fish Barbecue

Samsung Appliance Repair
Samsung Appliance Repair

Our Samsung appliance repair San Antonio technicians do more than just service brand name microwaves. We use them in our own homes too. And with summer in full swing, we wanted to talk about cooking fish. It is no secret that there will be rainy days when grilling outdoors is impossible. So when they crop up, why not cook fish in your microwave instead?
As our Samsung appliance repair techs in San Antonio can attest, there are many advantages to cooking fish in the microwave. For starters, most microwave’s charcoal filters and built-in ventilation systems will get rid of those unpleasant, fishy odors. In addition, cooking fish in the microwave is quick, easy and actually enhances food quality. Plus, with the right techniques, you don’t have to forfeit that crispy skin everyone loves so much.
Score a Crispy Coup
If you want to cook cold-water trout with the skin on or another whole fish stuffed with herbs, remember one thing. When prepping the meal, always score the skin. Scoring the skin does three things. First, it breaks the skin, which allows pressure to be released during the cooking process. That’s important because too much pressure has the potential to cause the whole fish to explode.
Second, scoring allows whichever seasonings or marinades you’re using to prepare the fish sink deep into the flesh. Third, the technique also helps the skin develop the perfect, crispy texture. So not only will the microwaved trout look good, it will taste phenomenal too. Give it a try the next time it rains and you’ll see what our Samsung appliance repair techs mean.
Get Steaming Instead
If you don’t care about crispy skin, you could always use the Samsung microwave to steam fish instead. The best way to steam fish in microwave ovens is to use one of two cooking essentials. They are parchment paper and microwave safe, resealable bags. You can generally find them in most grocery stores nowadays. Simply place the fish and all of your other ingredients into the bag. Afterward, microwave it until the fish is done. To learn more about working with your Samsung appliances, including how to have them routinely serviced, please contact our team in San Antonio today.

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