We’ve all read articles online about homemade remedies for cleaning a dishwasher’s interior. If you’ve read the same articles that we did, they included everything from tossing in a cup full of powdered drink mix to wiping everything down with antibacterial wipes. That’s all well and good but what about when one of those home remedies stains the interior of your dishwasher? What’s a domestic demigod supposed to do then? Our San Antonio appliance repair pros know, and after reading today’s blog, you will too:
Food and beverage leftovers are one of the chief things that may stain a dishwasher’s interior. So make sure that you start things off on the right foot by scraping and rinsing all of your dishes before putting them into the dishwasher. The less tomato sauce or artificial dyes that remain on the dishes’ surfaces, the better.
Cleaning dishwasher tips
Make sure to clean your dishwasher regularly

1. Citric Acid

If you forgot our appliance repair pro’s number one tip about scraping and rinsing, reach for the sour salts. Maybe your local pharmacy, grocery or craft store sells them under the name, citric acid. It’s a naturally occurring substance that is used in canning, beverage production and the manufacture of personal care products. It also happens to be a darn good cleaning agent and rust remover.
One caveat though, it is acid based. So don’t use it to clean your dishwasher unless the machine is empty. Otherwise, you could tarnish or damage some of your favorite tableware. We’d also recommend that you don’t combine it with other cleansers. Failure to do so could result in an unwanted, adverse chemical reaction.

2. Commercial Rinse Aids

If the thought of using citric acid makes you come down with a supreme case of the willies, commercial rinse aids and rust stain removers may prove to be a suitable alternative. Just make sure that the aid’s label indicates that it will be safe enough for use with your particular dishwasher.
Lastly, don’t forget to have your dishwasher filter periodically serviced by one of our appliance repair pros. If it is clogged up, it may cause many problems, including adding to a dishwasher interior’s stains. To learn more about these tips and others for keeping today’s dishwasher interiors stain free, please contact us at SoBellas Home Services San Antonio Appliance Repair.
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