The whole concept of adding commercial fabric softeners to the wash came about in the 1950s as a result of period washing machines and synthetic detergents. At the time, the softeners were in a liquid state and got added to the wash during the rinse cycle. In the late 1960s, men like Conrad J. Gaiser started experimenting with fabric softeners in an attempt to broaden the product’s usefulness. Gaiser was the first one to have a modicum of success. He created Tumble Puffs, which years later would go on to become known as Bounce dryer sheets.
Be careful when using dryer sheets
Although dryer sheets today are less likely to cause issues
still be cautious when using them and follow
all the safety warnings
Gaiser’s first dryer sheets didn’t work phenomenally well or catch on with consumers right away though. As a matter of fact, they frequently caused problems that would have necessitated a call to the dryer repair pros of the time. It wasn’t until others tinkered with Gaiser’s original plans that dryer sheets became a commercial success. That success started to take place in the 1970s. Afterward, other inventors got to work on manufacturing dryer sheets of their own. And as a result, many of the brands that you see on the market today were born.

The dangers of using Dryer Sheets

Although the majority of the contemporary dryer sheets are safe to use, there are still some that may spark the need for dryer repair. They tend to be ones that contain inorganic additives and coatings prone to melting at very low temperatures. Problems that may occur from using such low quality products are clogged dryer vents, stained dryer interiors and excessive lint that may lead to dryer fires.
There you have it. That’s our San Antonio dryer repair pros’ bit on the fabric softener history for the day. And remember, to keep your laundry room’s appliances problem free in the weeks to come, please contact us. At SoBellas Home Services Appliance Repair, we offer year-round services, plus, our work comes with the best warranties in the industry. 
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