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San Antonio residents living in older apartments often ask our home A/C repair service pros about window units and how best to use them. So we wanted to share a few home A/C window unit tips with everyone this week. After reading them, feel free to stop by our Facebook page and add a tip or two of your own.
Did you know that home A/C window units can be controlled remotely from your mobile device? It’s true. So you can literally program your way to energy efficiency. Many window units can be set-up to operate remotely by using services or devices like Dynamic DNS, IFTTT and Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch.
Some contemporary home A/C window units also come with built-in programmable timers and remote controls. Therefore, you may want to think about upgrading your old window A/C to a model with these types of features. Other items to consider when shopping for a new home A/C unit are its EER, voltage requirements and estimated, annual operating costs.
If you do decide to go with a new home A/C unit, put some thought into which window it should be paired with. Our home A/C repair service pros suggest selecting a window in a shaded area that is not located near other heat-generating items (e.g. ovens and lamps). That way, the unit won’t have to work as hard or as long to cool the air.
Another way to optimize your San Antonio home A/C unit’s performance is to make helpful additions to your apartment. Examples include ceiling fans with counterclockwise capabilities, tinted films, energy efficient window treatments and draft blockers. They should all help to keep a room cool.
Lastly, stay on top of the apartment building’s maintenance crew to ensure that they keep debris away from your window unit. And if at all possible, choose an apartment that is away from heat-radiating surfaces like parking lot asphalt, decorative rock beds and metal storage sheds.
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