Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dishwasher Just Wont Clean My Dishes in San Antonio, TX

Appliance Repair San Antonio, TX: Appliance repair and Dishwasher repair and troubleshooting tips: The San Antonio Appliance Repair company often addresses concerns with home appliances and today dishwashers not performing satisfactorily. An automatic dishwasher is not worth the space it takes up if it doesn't get dishes clean. One of the most common complaints SoBellas Home Services gets is dishes not coming out as clean as they used to. Glassware comes out with streaks and spots or appears cloudy and doesn't look or even feel clean. When the San Antonio, TX appliance repair technician arrives he will do an inspection and evaluation of the dishwasher and ask the customer what kind of soaps and cleaners they are using in the dishwasher. As long as the appliance is functioning and going through all the cycles, the problem with glassware coming out cloudy, spotty and streaky is often caused by the new detergents on the market, not the dishwasher. Most states have banned phosphorous from dishwasher detergents because it leaks into water ways, causes algae blooms and kills fish. Phosphorus is the ingredient that prevents things from sticking to glassware; however, the health issue outweighs the aesthetics issue. Water quality experts claim the dishes are safe and clean in spite of their appearance. Some of our customers have had some luck with Limeshine or looking to commercial soaps that still have phosphates in them. Either way good hot water to start with will go along way getting your dishes clean. If you have any questions or concerns about this dishwasher topic or any appliance repair needs in San Antonio, please give SoBellas Home Services a call. 210-978-0890

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