Thursday, December 19, 2013

SoBellas Washer Repair Pro Discusses How to Get Rid of Front Loader Funk

Have you ever walked by your front loading washing machine and wondered if the family dog just passed gas? Well before you blame Fido for that atrocious funk, stop and open up the washing machine. It could be the real cause of the stench. Over the years, our washer repair professionals in Texas and New Mexico have noticed that many front loaders develop a horrific odor after extended use. This is especially the case with the high efficiency models. The reason why such things happen is twofold.

To begin with, today’s front loading washing machines are designed with horizontal drums and extremely tight seals. They have to be designed that way in order to keep the water from leaking out onto a building’s flooring. In addition, people tend to use a vast array of laundry products nowadays, some of which may leave residues behind. Because of that, it is not uncommon for mold or mildew to form inside of the drum and gasket creases. It is those two things that tend to be the true source of the stomach turning fragrance.

On a positive note, a call to our washer repair service technicians can help eradicate your front loading machines phew factor. We can thoroughly clean the washing machine’s interior and gaskets. Of course we can also repair or replace anything that may be beyond redemption. Once that’s done, we recommend that you consider taking the following actions to prevent the face-melting funk from returning in the months ahead:

  • Periodically wash in hot water to remove any film residue
  • Sign up for our laundry appliance maintenance service
  • Use laundry products that don’t leave residues behind
  • Dry the washer’s door seals and interior after use
  • Run a cleaning cycle at least once a month

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