Thursday, January 9, 2014

Dryer Repair Pro Asks "What's in Your Children's Pockets?"

Dryer Repair

Being a first-time parent, you’ve undoubtedly run across things in your children’s pants pockets that have surprised you. Maybe it was a salamander, a crumpled up flower or a ball of rubber bands. We’ll have you ever wondered what would happen if you forgot to check your children’s pockets before laundering their cloths? As dryer repair pros we can answer that question for you. Depending on the item, you could end up with a real mess on your hands.

One of the most common child inspired, dryer repair problems that we’ve dealt with over the years has been melted crayons. If this happens to you, try removing as much of the hot wax as you can with paper towels or a smooth, plastic scraper. When you are finished, wipe the inside of the dryer with lint-free cloths and the cleaner of your choice until absolutely no residue remains. Products that may work well in your situation include Goo Gone and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  

The permanent and semi-permanent markers that kids love to color with are unfortunately a lot harder to get rid of. Sometimes they can be removed with the previous products we mentioned. Other times, you may have success using rubbing alcohol or EXPO Erase Spray on the marker stains.

Once the melted crayon or marker stains are removed, be sure to run a load of old cleaning rags through an entire dry cycle. Doing so should help you to determine whether or not there is any residue left inside of the dryer that could stain your family’s clothes.

Of course art supplies are not the only items that may end up in your family’s clothes dryer. You could end up with a more serious situation that requires the expertise of a dryer repair professional. When that happens, please contact us at (210) 485-6578. We’ll help you undo the damage caused by junior’s latest disaster in no time.

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