Thursday, February 20, 2014

You May Want to Think Twice Before Using Your Oven's Self-Cleaning Option

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Self-cleaning ovens have grown in popularity over the years, but what many consumers don't know is the self-cleaning mode on your appliance can do more harm than good. While nobody enjoys scrubbing burnt food from the bottom of their oven, they'll probably dislike making a call to their local appliance repair company in San Antonio Texas even more. Listed below are 4 reasons why you shouldn't use your oven's self-cleaning mode.

1. When a recipe calls for you to bake something in your oven, the temperature needed usually won't go beyond 500 degrees. On the other hand, when your oven is set to self-cleaning the temperature it reaches is 900 degrees or above. The extreme heat needed to turn any food build-up into ash is what often causes a fuse in the oven to blow, or the control panel to burnout.

2. Today's newer ovens are often built with hidden elements instead of exposed elements on the floor of the appliance. When you run your self-cleaning mode you risk burning the element out, and while changing the element in older ovens is easier, newer ovens make the process a little more difficult.

3. While a hot oven is always a safety risk, an oven that is set to self-cleaning can be especially dangerous. Although the appliance door should lock automatically when the oven begins cleaning itself, the high temperature it is creating causes the surface of the appliance to become exceptionally hot, and if someone in your home accidentally touches it they may suffer a bad burn.

4. In cases where the oven has grease spills in it, using the self-cleaning option can result in the release of an unsavory smelling smoke. Unfortunately, this can cause eye irritation and aggravate any respiratory problems a person may have.

While the self-cleaning option on your oven seems like the answer to keeping you appliance spotless, in reality it can cause a number of issues. If you do decided to employ this mode, try not to use it often and only allow it to run for an hour or less. In cases where a malfunction occurs, please contact us at SoBellas San Antonio Appliance Repair, where we've helped over 35,000 customers in the last 37 years.

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