Thursday, March 20, 2014

Washer Repair Team Discuss Record Breaking Moments in Appliance History

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Did you happen to hear Samsung’s announcement about their world’s largest, residential washing machine? It had all of us here at SoBellas thinking. But then again, we are always thinking about the latest appliances and washer repairs. This time, however, our thoughts turned specifically towards washing machine trivia and world’s records.

For instance, did you know that the world’s smallest washing machine was built in China? It hit the country’s appliance marketplace in 2011 and the record books shortly thereafter. The machine can only hold 0.15 kg of dirty laundry, which is remarkable when you think about the Samsung washer. Its capacity is a whopping 5.3 cubic feet. The company behind the petite appliance’s creation was Qingdao Haier Washing Machine Co. Ltd. We can only imagine what it would have been like trying to complete washer repairs on that one!

In addition to that event, there are not one but two world’s records for washing machine throws. It’s true. The first one took place in Madrid, Spain during the fall of 2001. At that time, two men threw a 100+ pound washing machine more than 20 feet. Their names were Jose Francisco Dopcio de Pablo and Miguel Ballesteros.

The second historic heave ho took place in the summer of 2009. Apparently, one New Zealand man by the name of Jonathan MacFarlane decided that he wanted to try and make washing machine history of his own. So he went to the local shopping mall and pitched a unit into the air by himself. It flew a good 13 feet before coming to rest onto the ground. There was no word released on whether or not the mall staff called for post-event washer repair services. What we do know, however, is that his actions made the Guinness World Records Book too.

The last record setting event to make our washer repair team’s list took place in the fall of 1860. At that time, a native New Yorker by the name of William Leonard Hunt got a wild idea. He decided to strap a washing machine to his back, tightrope walk across Niagara Falls and stop to do a load of laundry along the way. Surprisingly, he survived his high wire laundry act and died years later in the winter of 1929. To our knowledge, he is the only person to have ever completed such a feat.

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