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Appliance Repair: Tips on Preventing an Appliance Fire

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When individuals are warned against appliance fires, dryers are the culprits most widely discussed. Unfortunately, a variety of appliance have the potential to cause an unexpected fire. Protecting your family and your home starts with the proper knowledge and ends with adequate maintenance. Listed below are 4 tips that can help you make your appliance and home safe.

Register A New Appliance

Many of us skip this step when we purchase a new appliance, but this simple act can save your family and home. Companies make Registering your appliance easy. You can either choose to register by mail, over the phone, or online. Once you've finished the registration process, you'll receive notices if there are any recalls associated with your appliance.

Looking up recalls

If you rent an apartment or you buy a home with existing appliances, you can go to the website, to discover whether they have been affected by a recall. Another great tool to use is This site allows individuals to report issues they have experienced with a variety of products. You can look up your appliances or help other people by recounting safety issues you've dealt with when using certain products.

Check Your Chords

Taking a few minutes every couple of months to go around your home and check the chords on your appliances is a necessary fire prevention tactic. None of the chords should appear frayed, and if they are, you will need to have them replaced. You should also make sure the chords do not run underneath any type of carpeting and that they don't rest too close to a heating source.

Maintaining And Cleaning Your Appliances

Properly cleaning your dryer of lint and ridding your oven and range hood of grease build-up are important procedures when it comes to preventing appliance fires. It's also crucial to act in a timely manner when you notice an appliance is under some sort of distress. Calling an appliance repair company to diagnose a faulty device may save you from a dangerous malfunction.

 If you're worried about one of your appliances starting a fire, please contact us at SoBellas San Antonio Appliance Repair, and we'll be happy to diagnose and fix your appliance issues. 

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