Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dryer Repair Team's 5 Tips for Sprucing Up the Laundry Room This Fall

Dryer Repair

Now that autumn is close at hand, it will once again be time to fire up the clothes dryer and handle all laundry tasks indoors instead of out. But before you do just that, please take a moment to run through our dryer repair team’s five tips for sprucing up the laundry room. They may just save you, and your family’s lives:

1.) Inspect the laundry room walls, outlets and floors for signs of electrical problems. The list of items to look for includes, but shouldn’t be confined to melted face plates, singed flooring, tripped breakers, blown fuses, black soot and brown discoloration. If you find any, be sure to schedule a service call straightaway.

2.) Examine the clothes dryer’s venting system for signs of leaks and blockages. Should any turn up, our dryer repair team should be contacted. We can repair the leaks, clear the clogs and make sure that the entire system is lint free. In addition, we can reroute the vents and duct work if necessary.

3.) Check the batteries on your laundry room’s smoke and CO2 detectors for signs of life. If they appear to be weak or already dead, replace them on the spot and make plans to check them again in a month or two. You may want to dust or otherwise clean the detectors’ covers too.

4.) While you are at it, check the type and expiration date on your laundry room’s fire extinguisher as well. There are units made especially for use in laundry rooms. Some are designed to be hung on the wall and operated by hand. Others, like the OnGARD, are meant to be attached to the dryer and turn on automatically during emergencies.

5.) Why not also consider repainting your laundry room’s walls with a fresh coat of heat, mildew and mold resistant paint? Doing so will help prevent moisture problems and possibly keep the room a bit cooler while the clothes dryer is running. Depending on your choice of heat resistant paint, it may reduce your family’s fire risk too.

To discuss these fall spruce up tips further and make an appointment to meet with our dryer repair team, please contact SoBellas Home Services Appliance Repair today.

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