Thursday, October 30, 2014

Washer Repair Pro’s Tips for Dealing with Holiday Glitter Apparel and Shoes

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Aaah the holiday party season! For many fashionistas and families with children, it’s prime time for wearing glittery clothes and sparkling footwear. But what happens when the clothes and shoes come off at the end of the festivities? In most instances, it unfortunately looks like a glitter bomb detonated inside of the laundry room. So to help prevent those scenarios from playing out again this year, our washer repair pros wanted to provide a few tips for dealing with shimmering party apparel:
Do buy several wash bags that feature very fine mesh and launder the clothes using cold water. By placing your sparkly clothes in the bags first and then pitching them into the machine, you’ll likely keep any glitter that comes off during the wash contained to one area. And if any glitter does manage to escape the confines of the wash bag, it shouldn’t be too much trouble to clean the mess up.
Don’t put glitter clad footwear, like TOMS®, into the washing machine. It’s bad for your footwear and your washing machine. Instead, invest in a small wash basin and gently clean them by hand with an eco-friendly, bleach free detergent. Then let them sit out onto your laundry room table overnight to air dry alongside of your family’s holiday sweaters.
Do remember that not all glitter glue and holiday glitter sprays are created equal. Some won’t stain fabrics and are safe to use in both the washer and dryer. Others are not. So if you plan on letting the kids get crafty, remember to choose washable glitter products. And when it comes time to machine wash their shimmering creations, reach for alkaline detergents. Our washer repair pros have found that citrus and oxygen bleach based detergents have a tendency to destroy homemade glitter apparel in a New Mexico minute.
Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the washer’s drum when you are through. Otherwise, the glitter residue may transfer from the drum’s surface to future loads of wash. To remove the glitter from the drum, try using a handheld lint remover or an inside out piece of masking tape. Vacuum cleaners with soft attachment brushes may also help get rid of any glitter that may have fallen into hard to reach areas. To learn more about keeping laundry room appliances clean and running efficiently over the holidays, please contact us.
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