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Maytag Appliance Repair Pros Tips for Making Oktoberfest Sausages

Tips for Making Oktoberfest Sausages

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It is fall and our Maytag appliance repair team members are gearing up for San Antonio Oktoberfest. Are you? It’s a super time to cook sausages in any number of kitchen appliances. One that’s a favorite with many fall cooks is Maytag’s over-the-range microwave with built-in convection mode. Our team installs, uses and repairs them all of the time. The units are great at cooking German cuisine, especially sausages.
The sausages may be cooked using the Maytag microwave’s convection, stage, manual or sensor modes. However, the convection mode will traditionally give the sausages an appealing, brown exterior, especially if a browning dish is used too. Simply program the convection mode and preheat the browning dish as directed. Next, add the German sausages and let them cook through before turning the Maytag microwave off again.
If the sausages don’t turn out right, our Maytag appliance repair professionals can take a look at the microwave. Sometimes the most unexpected things can interfere with a unit’s convection mode. For example, Wi-Fi setups and telephones have the potential to cause microwaves to malfunction. The same is true of cooking grease, broken door seals and blown fuses.
Plus, sometimes it’s not even the microwave’s fault at all. It could be the cookware. Browning dishes must be in good, working order and used properly. Otherwise, the German sausages won’t cook evenly or develop a beautiful color. And yes, using non-browning cookware in the wrong way can destroy a package full of bratwurst too.
On the other hand, if your San Antonio Oktoberfest dinner entree comes out perfectly, don’t forget what comes next. The Maytag microwave should be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove any sausage drippings. Any drippings left behind could cause smoke and other problems later on in the week. To learn more about maintaining Maytag over-the-range microwaves with convection modes, please contact us.

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