Saturday, October 17, 2015

San Antonio Appliance Repair Pros Can Uncover the Root Cause of Flickering Microwaves

San Antonio Flickering Microwave causes
 Flickering Microwave Causes 
When microwave lights start to flicker, there is no reason to panic. However, their erratic behavior should not be ignored for very long. Today’s microwaves typically have a variety of lighting features and when some of them malfunction they could signal a serious electrical problem but not always. As such, San Antonio appliance repair techs like to identify why the lights are flickering sooner, rather than later.

To keep the microwave’s lights steady, remember to periodically clean the mica sheet and lamp covers. Do not use anything that has been saturated in harsh, liquid cleanser or scouring paste as the substances could seep underneath of the protective covers and cause a lot of damage. Use modest amounts of gentle, easy-to-control cleansers instead. And have spare surface and oven cavity lamps handy.

If you feel confident enough to change out the surface and cavity lamps yourself, go right ahead. Otherwise, trust our microwave appliance repair tech to swap them out for you. They know how to get underneath of microwave units’ protective panels without stripping screws and widening screw holes. Plus, if a tiny screw rolls away, they’ve got plenty of replacements in their appliance repair service vehicles.

Bear in mind that some flickering is normal, like during certain microwave functions. So bulb changes may not be necessary. Our techs will be able to discern between normal and abnormal flickering rather quickly. And if a bulb change is needed, they’ll take care of it on the spot. In addition, they’ll go over the microwave oven’s complete electrical system too. Thus, you’ll never get charged for appliance repair parts that you don’t need or endure inflated labor costs.

To get to the root cause of a microwave’s flickering lights in the most efficient way possible, please contact our San Antonio team of professional technicians today.

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