Thursday, November 26, 2015

Viking Oven Appliance Repair Company Welcomes Fall Baking Season’s Return

Baking Appliance Repair Season
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Pumpkin pies, apple cobbler, cranberry bread, roasted pumpkin seeds and cinnamon-topped cookies will undoubtedly be going into or coming out of ovens all across America this month. Yes, it is fall baking season again and our San Antonio Viking appliance repair crew is excited about diving into a plateful or two of seasonal goodies. They also know repair calls might start flooding in as people begin busting out the rolling pins and pie tins.
It isn’t that Viking ovens inherently give bakers fits. The spike in Viking oven repair calls is generally caused by improper use of the appliance or misguided baking techniques. The most common of which is failure to preheat the oven to the right temperature. For the most part, time-tested recipes will let bakers know what temperature the oven needs to be. However, there are baking recipes that inadvertently leave that information out or list it incorrectly.
What is a baker supposed to do in those instances? Relying on experience and basic chemistry knowledge often helps. Remember, all baking ingredients and pans respond to heat in different ways. Therefore, they need to be factored into the oven’s temperature settings. But wait; don’t set the oven just yet. Each oven’s construction and where the kitchen appliance is located will greatly affect baking success too.
As such, our Viking brand experts urge everyone to consider elevation and heating element condition as well. If you or another baker is unsure of a Viking oven’s current elevation, don’t worry. There are plenty of free and low-cost mapping tools that will narrow down elevation statistics to a baker’s hometown. 
For instance, if bakers go to the site and type in San Antonio it will show approximately 653 feet. Afterward, they can double-check their personal recipes to see if there are elevation notations in the margins that should be followed. Additional information about how elevation affects the performance of Viking ovens and other appliances is also available online.
As far as heating element conditions go, Viking oven repair companies can check that easily enough. To learn more about an oven’s heating element and other factors that may prevent fall baked goods from coming out of kitchens perfectly, please contact us today.
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